Board Members

As a Board Member, you have many responsibilities to run the Association’s Corporation – NSB Management is here to help! 

 Best Practices is a guide to help you understand your Fiduciary responsibilities based on Florida Statutes. 

Best Practices: 

The Board should understand the Association governing documents:

  • Declaration/Covenants
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-Laws
  • Rules/Regulations
  • All amendments clarifying Board responsibilities & Owner obligations. 

Having current governing documents is essential to minimizing legal challenges to the Association and maintaining a united community for all to enjoy.

If you are not sure you have all the documents, you can use the Volusia County Public Records search to locate and download them.

Education: Make sure to attend both Board Certification class & classes for Legal Updates to stay on top of all that will be implemented on 7/1.

Many times, the documents have been updated or overwritten by the law. 

During the year you will be sent webinar’s, and other classes that you may wish to attend for Budgeting, Reserves, Enforcement, Architectural Review & Construction. 

Communication to the owners always helps with transparency. 

Records keeping should be in one centralized location. 

Budgeting each year by September helps keep the ownership informed of the expenses the association is incurring. 

The Board should be unified in their efforts. It maintains Owner confidence!