Sheila McCollum, CAM, CMCA, CFCAM, AMS

NSB Association Management emerged in July 2019, driven by a profound need for exceptional Association Management services right here in NSB. The genesis of this extraordinary journey took shape when I was entrusted with the task of taking over two condominiums in the midst of challenging roof construction projects, following an abrupt 30-day notice from their previous Association Management Firm.

At that time, I had just completed an impressive portfolio of 12 construction projects at Errol by the Sea, Inc., an esteemed establishment in NSB. If you’d like to witness the caliber of my work, I invite you to explore the remarkable transformations captured on the website at My involvement with Errol commenced when their independent manager resigned, leaving the Board of Directors in a state of profound stress as they navigated a $4.2 million concrete restoration endeavor, already two-thirds underway. I seized the reins and successfully concluded the concrete restoration project, not only staying within the allocated budget but also delivering exceptional results. Additionally, I oversaw the completion of the pool complex, the installation of a captivating new front sign, the rehabilitation of the clubhouse, comprehensive landscape improvements, the introduction of elegant pavers throughout the complex, the installation of campus gates, and the successful execution of various other smaller projects. My expertise lies in rectifying situations when challenges arise, ensuring seamless resolutions.

Prior to my tenure at Errol, I had the distinct privilege of establishing a brand-new office for Premier Association Management in Clermont, FL. This remarkable opportunity allowed me to embark on a thrilling journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Premier! However, given my elderly mother’s residence in NSB, I recognized the need to move closer when the position at Errol presented itself. I am proud to mention that I nurtured the office at Premier, fostering the satisfaction of 10 esteemed clients, before ultimately setting my sights on New Smyrna!

When I founded NSB Association Management, I made a solemn commitment to embrace our mission, which is to deliver tailored Association services precisely aligned with the unique needs of each association. Recognizing that not every association necessitates a full-time on-site manager, I strive to bridge the gap between their aspirations and their legitimate requirements by offering a comprehensive range of solutions, including consulting, bookkeeping, budgeting, and maintenance. It is my responsibility to collaborate closely with the esteemed Board of Directors to ensure their vision harmonizes seamlessly with the operational reality of their association.

Moreover, we have ushered in a paradigm shift in management practices by embracing cutting-edge App-driven software. This revolutionary approach empowers managers to swiftly capture images of issues, initiate work orders, or send violation letters, all while still on-site. It also enables proactive communication between board members, owners, and the management company, facilitating the swift resolution of issues that arise between inspections. By leveraging these technological advancements, we can efficiently deploy the necessary resources, eliminating the need for managers to return to the office and manually input data into management software, thereby expediting processes that were once time-consuming.

As we embark on the horizon of 2023, our steadfast commitment remains unwavering: we are devoted to helping your community thrive and evolve, capturing the spirit of this era with our forward-thinking approach. Together, let us shape a community that truly reflects the essence of our times!