Tracy Olsen-Oliver

Former President of Southern Ridge HOA

During my tenure as an HOA President, my Association was fortunate enough to have worked with Ms. Sheila McCollum as our HOA Manager. During our joint tenure with the HOA, Ms. McCollum was able to assist us in solidifying the transient nature of the Board's Executive Leadership Team, shepherd the Board through the myriad of legislative issues that impact residential homeowners associations, clarify complex ownership vs. rental-based property concerns, stabilize the annual budget by assisting with complex vendor/contactor agreements, assist the board in navigating difficult conversations and processes with all stakeholders, and make every issue and concern understandable to everyone involved in the process. Her HOA/Condominium acumen far exceeds that of most business managers in this field, as she understands all concerns on a variety of levels while possessing the knowledge and networking capacity to have the "ear" of the ultimate decision makers. But her business savvy and ability to "make things happen" for the good of the Association only tells a part of the story behind her success. Sheila McCollum is an absolute pleasure to work with as a manager to an HOA leadership team. Her public service and business backgrounds have shaped her into the consummate professional who can be relied upon to provide sound advice and counsel that will advance the aims and objectives of any organization. She has outstanding interpersonal skills and speaks in a language that is understandable at all times. She knows how to bring "tough love" in a compassionate manner, and always has the best interests of her business partners in the forefront of her management style. She has a "can-do" attitude and is willing to go the extra distance to ensure quality customer service. Given the vast financial and operational needs of any homeowners or condo management association that is too small, or that she is no able to handle without grace, humility, and ultimate coolness and surety. If your homeowners or condo association is looking for the best management option, I would recommend New Smyrna Beach Association Management without any reservation or hesitation! -Tracy Olsen-Oliver

Bill Turcotte

President of AAT Concrete Construction Port Orange, FL

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter to highly recommend the services of Sheila McCollum. In 2020, my restoration company was selected as the contractor for Sea Coast Gardens 2 & 3, where I met Sheila. As their CAM and property manager, she was always professional, answering questions and responding to concerns, in a timely manner. I believe her communication skills are a great benefit and her professional demeanor makes her the perfect candidate to handle any high-volume workload. She is a team player and is very knowledgeable, making her a positive addition to any organization. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Sheila McCollum to get the job done! Sincerely, Bill Turcotte President of A.A.T. Restoration Group, Inc. License #CGC060071 (386) 761-2830

Patrice Butterfield

SCM2 Board of Directors 2019 – 2021

Whom it May Concern Re: Sheila McCollum, CMCA, CFCAM, AMS It has been my very great pleasure to have worked closely with Sheila McCollum for the past two- and one-half years. Having served as Chair of the Joint Search Committee at Sea Coast Gardens (SCG) 2 and 3 in 2019, I can certify that Ms McCollum was selected from among more than 80 qualified applicants to earn the endorsement as a Manager for our two Associations. We had four previous Managers who left our Associations in a terrible situation that required nearly two years to correct: from records of names of Owners to records of financial status, SCG was in dire need of a very experienced CAM.

In addition to restructuring the administration of the association Ms. McCollum did the project management for a new CAT5 roof and the first phase of concrete restoration. I would highly recommend Ms McCollum as the owner of New Smyrna Beach Association Management, LLC. Sincerely, Dr. Patrice Butterfield Psychopharmacologist Ga License # 1026 Former SCG 2 BOD Member, 2015-2022

Bob Cooper

SCM3 Board of Directors 2019-2021

To whom it may concern Subject: Sheila McCollum Please accept this letter of recommendation for Ms. Sheila McCollum. Serving as Vice President on the Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Management Review Committee, I had a close working relationship with Ms. McCollum while she was employed at Sea Coast Gardens ll & lll in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Sheila was a pleasure to work with. As CAM and property manager she possesses excellent interpersonal skills dealing with 170 owners and outside vendors. Sheila not only performed her normal property management activities, but she was also tasked with managing every phase of a multimillion-dollar renovation project during a two-year period. As Chair of the Management Review Committee, we conducted a formal performance survey to all 170-unit owners. The results were that Sheila not only met her defined objectives but exceeded many of our expectations.

Ms. McCollum often worked more than 60 hours per week to ensure that all of her staff’s work was properly completed and within budget. In the 16 years that I owned a condominium at Sea Coast Gardens, it is my opinion that Sheila was by far and away the most professional and productive property manager/CAM that we employed. I strongly recommend hiring Ms. McCollum as a CAM/property manager for your property. Sincerely, Bob Cooper

Lori Robinson

SCM2 Board of Directors 2019 – Present

To Whom It May Concern, I have known and worked with Sheila McCollum for almost 3 years. As the former President of Sea Coast Gardens 2, I have witnessed the professionalism of Ms. McCollum that has made her the type of Manager that goes “above and beyond” for her Associations.

When Ms. McCollum became the Manager of 2 associations at Sea Coast Gardens, she took on 2 construction projects at once. She was able to work with the contractors, vendors and our ownership to move one project to a successful completion and the other to the completion of its first phase. Our ownership was impressed with her knowledge and determination to do what was best for our Association. The contractor, well let’s say the contractors have a healthy respect for Ms. McCollum. Ms. McCollum’s day to day management of our Association, from financials to maintenance, left our Association better than she found it.

I would highly recommend Ms. McCollum and her Management company. Sincerely, Lori Robinson

Randy Harpe

President of SCMIII – 2019, 2020, 2021

Sheila McCollum was chosen by our Association because of her experience and ability to reorganize a management office and oversee major projects. She took over a challenging transition from the previous management while successfully dealing with two roof replacements and two building restoration projects worth over three million dollars.
Her ability to deal with contractors and communicate with owners has served us well.

Randy Harpe Seacoast Gardens III

Pam Toole

SCM2 Owner

Pam Toole – SCM2 Owner I have been an owner at Sea Coast Gardens 2 for almost 45 years and have seen many property managers come and go. When Sheila came to work as our property manager in September 1, 2019, my expectations were low, based on the performance of the last 2 or 3 managers. I found out very quickly that Sheila was very knowledgeable and knew how to get the job done! Her approach to every task was proactive. She kept the complex going, while supervising a major renovation that had just started the month before she started working here.

Sheila would always go out of her way to help us with problems that occurred. On New Year’s Day, my husband accidentally blew the main circuit in our condo. We called the office, hoping a maintenance guy might be on property. She called us back and said she lived nearby and would be there in 5 minutes. She came and took care of the problem with promptness and a smile. I had not met her before and was blown away with her assistance, especially on a holiday.

From that day forward, I always knew that Sheila would help with any problem that was brought to her attention. That gave me peace of mind, knowing that someone had my back especially since I live so far away. Owners and workers respected her because of the knowledge and experience she brought to the job! Sincerely, Pam Toole – owner of 3 units